Lyn's evenings have been great lately and we only just realized that there's been no sign of her Sundowner's.  Mom started to pay attention and realized that Lyn was heading to bed well before the sun starts to set.  It is Summer, after all, and the days are gloriously long.

I know it may seem obvious or just a small revaluation, however, it is important for Mom to be aware of the patterns in Lyn's behavior when they exist.  In this case, the extended sunlight hours mean she's more comfortable and much less anxious.

The Summer Solstice has just passed and now the days will begin to see fewer hours of sunlight as dusk comes earlier and earlier each day.  While several of my friends celebrated the Solstice, at least one marks it as a day of mourning because it is the harbinger of the coming of Winter.  She welcomes the Winter Solstice with joy because it means the days will have an increasing amount of sunlight.  While we don't mark the day one way or the other, I'm sure we'll pay a bit more attention to the length of daylight and Lyn's moods.

This leaves me wondering if care givers typically find Winter a much harder time of year.  Aside from the stressors around the holidays, there's just less light and more raw emotions.  For the Alzheimer's patient, the reduced light adds to their anxiety and confusion.

This Winter with Lyn will be telling.


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