Scheduling My Day

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of a prepared schedule for Lyn.  Let's stick with that topic for a minute.

My family and I are preparing for our annual week n New Mexico.  We asked Mom if it would be better if we stayed at a hotel to minimize the disruption to Lyn.  Mom insists the disruption is both welcome and worth it.  I figured she'd refuse our offer, but I wanted it out there to let her know that we're willing to do whatever will make the week enjoyable for them.

Lyn is already planning as well.  Each time we speak on Skype, she tells me she's making a list of the things we will do and the places we will go.  Tim's Place is on the list.  El Pinto is on the list.  A trip to Santa Fe to see an exhibit on turquoise is on the list.  I'm not sure what else is on the list.  Each time she thinks of something, she has Mom write it on the list.    Apparently, the list is getting longer than our visit will accommodate.

We are happy to have her make this list for two reasons.  First, it makes her feel useful and that means valued.  The list is her idea and it is letting her feel as though she's providing us with information from which we can benefit.  When she has and idea and we say "Add it to the list", we are validating her desire to help.  Secondly, the list is something she's bought into.  We can convert it to a schedule and she will know what to anticipate in a day.

If that makes the week easier on her, that's fine by us.


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