Sunburnt with Pride

On Saturday, Lyn and her respite provider were caught by Albuquerque's Pride Parade as they were leaving the restaurant where they were having breakfast.  Mom knew the parade was to happen this weekend, but didn't know the details of where or when.  As a result, they were stuck in the parking lot of the restaurant as the parade marched and danced and shimmied by for over 2 hours.  

Lyn loved it.  She waved and cheered at all the colorfully dressed participants.  She danced with the music as the bands rolled by and she enjoyed the creatively decorated floats.  

When she came home, she was sporting a very sunburnt face, several strands of beads she'd caught and a new t-shirt which she had also caught.  Mom asked to see the shirt and Lyn told her it was too dirty as she hurried to put it in her laundry basket.  

Lyn's respite provider wasn't sure how to explain the day to Mom.  She was actually a little uncomfortable admitting that they watched a Pride parade.  Mom thinks that she was worried Mom would disapprove or get angry.  It was an unfounded fear.  Mom was happy Lyn had a good time and got to see the parade.  Parades are fun, after all.  If the respite provider was worried because the parade celebrated LGBT Pride and feared that Mom would disapprove of that, she was incorrect.  We're pretty open and accepting in our family.

Later in the evening, I spoke with them and asked to see the shirt which she described to me as having to do "with stuff people do but shouldn't be doing."  That sparked my interest.  She didn't remember her refusal to show Mom the shirt and quickly got it to show me.  It is an advertisement for a vodka brand.  I had to laugh.  She didn't remember what the shirt was for and could not read the words on it.  There is no picture on the shirt, just the name of the vodka.  However, her respite provider must have told her what the shirt said and Lyn just knew she didn't approve of it.  


  1. This post made me laugh! So cute, the side story about the shirt.


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