Feeling Like No One Understands

Lyn is struggling to make herself understood.  She starts and stops her sentences a lot.  On Sunday, she said "Let me put it this way or I can put it this other way..."  After a few more attempts she was able to get out her thoughts.  Mom and I were able to repeat them to her and validate her words.  This is a luxury of communication that we are able to provide her.

At day hab, there are a greater number of  individuals who are trying to speak at once.  The staff may be trying to do more than one thing when they are listening to her.  The environmental stimuli around her may actually be interfering with her ability to hold onto a thought and find the right words to express it.  Patience on both sides of the equation is definitely shorter and she frequently gives up trying to really make her thought clear.  At a result, Lyn increasingly feels as though no one understands her.  This can lead to tears in the middle of the day.

Mom is trying to work with the staff at day hab to help them understand Lyn's increasing communication difficulties.  It is a work in progress.


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