Clothing Issues

For the past couple of weeks, we've noticed that Lyn wants to wear the same thing again and again.  If Mom doesn't intervene, Lyn will wear the same pajamas every single night and the same clothing each day.  She gets irritated if Mom tells her to change into a fresh set of clothes.  Fortunately, if Mom can convince Lyn to put the dirty clothes in the hamper, she'll leave them there and get a different set.  However, each day, she asks about the set she wants, checking to see if they are available for use.

This is not unusual with Alzheimer's.  Making a decision is hard.  Patients will revert to the familiar as the easiest option when choices are at hand.

This is not a surprising change to see in Lyn.  At this point, she's still cooperative with changing even if she's not happy about it.  Additionally, she's still able to get dressed on her own for the most part.  She'll get upset if her bra strap is twisted as she puts it on.  When that happens, she asks Mom to help her because "It is faded!"  She now uses "faded" instead of "twisted."  We're honestly glad that she can still put on her own bra and get the rest of her clothes on independently.  We'll take that for as long as it lasts.


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