Craft Project Pride

One of the activities that you can provide to an individual with Alzheimer's is a selection of the pvc pipes and connectors.  The individual can put them together in any formation that they want.  Later, you can give them the creation and ask them to take the pieces apart.  It is a good activity because their hands are in use as they are working to build or take apart the connections.  For someone with advanced Alzheimer's this also allows them to feel valued because they're helping you with a task.

At day hab this week, Lyn participated in a craft project that used pvc pipes and pvc pipe connectors. She worked with one of the staff to use the components to make something more permanent than the activity described above.  She was so proud of her work.  She was able to bring it home and decided she needed to give it as a gift to our Uncle.

Our Uncle graciously accepted the gift.  He promised to take it him and use it right away.  You can see how happy the exchange made her.

Have you guessed what it is yet?  I'm am glad she told me because otherwise I would never have guessed.  She made a sprinkler for him to use when watering his lawn.


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