Tending to Her Teeth

For the past couple of weeks, Mom has noticed that Lyn's teeth are not very clean after she returns from brushing them.  If Mom questions Lyn, Lyn gives a hostile response.  Mom would send her back and ask her to do it again.  Lyn's responses indicated that she was covering her inability.

After a few times, Mom realized that Lyn wasn't using her electric toothbrush.  When asked about it, Lyn told Mom that the toothbrush was making a sound and she didn't want to use it any more.  Mom checked the toothbrush and it was working fine.  "No!  That sound!" Lyn was emphatic and the sound was just the regular operation of the device.  Lyn no longer remembered how the toothbrush was supposed to sound and she was trying to manage with just a manual toothbrush.

Mom had a dental appointment scheduled this week and the doctor asked how Lyn is doing.  Mom told him of Lyn's reduced ability to bush her teeth since he last saw her a few months ago.  He went to his office and came back with an Oral B electric toothbrush with Smartguide.  The Smartguide will tell Lyn where to brush and how long to brush here.

The hope is that the automated guide will give her the additional assistance she needs.  There will come a time when it no longer works for her and Mom will have to brush her teeth for her.  However if this new toothbrush helps, then it will help her keep this small independence a little longer.


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