Two Week Hiatus

I'm taking a short, two week hiatus from Dementia Be Damned.

I've mentioned before that I've spent time as a foster parent.  I may even have mentioned that my youngest is my former foster child who we adopted when reunification with the birth family was no longer possible.  I believe I've noted similarities between my child's PTSD based behaviors and Lyn's anxiety driven behaviors.

What I've not previously posted is that my child has abuse related memories which are triggered by the seasons.  When you experience trauma and a memory is laid down by your amygdala, you may react to the sensory stimuli which you experienced when the event happened when you experience the stimuli again in the future.   Imagine if you were in a bad car accident.  You might find yourself having an anxiety attack when you next come to the intersection where the accident occurred.  You may find ways to avoid that intersection because you associate it with a terribly frightening moment and you may fear another accident in the same location.  Well, the same basic thing happens to abused children.  However, their sensory stimuli may associate the event with a season because they may not even know what a calendar is yet.  They may recognize that the very bad thing happened when the Christmas tree was up or that the very bad thing happened when the swimming pool was in use.

Late October to mid-November is the hardest time of the year for my youngest.  We're 6 years out from the events that made Fall a time of fear.  My child is having a harder time this year than last.  The good news is that kiddo does a great job at school even during this time of year.  The bad news is that it all comes out at home.  It is taking more from my husband and me than it has in a very long time.  Because of that, I am going to take this week and next week off from blogging.  I need to focus on my kids; particularly my youngest.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.


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