Failing Eyesight

Lyn had here annual eye exam earlier this week.  Last year, she ended up in bifocals.  This year, the news was mixed.  Her left eye has shows very little visual degradation while her right shows substantial degradation.

Lyn was cooperative and wanting to be helpful during the exam.  However, she would always say the last option that was presented to her when asked if one view was better than another.  Mom noted that Lyn's highly suggestible and the approach for the exam was changed to rule out Lyn's verbal responses.

A new pair of glasses has been ordered and should be in her hands in a week.  She wanted a set of larger frames.  I wonder if she's thinking that a larger frame will improve her vision.  I chuckle at Mom's description of Lyn trying to pick out frames and consistently being drawn to the most expensive pairs.  Each item she chose was from a luxury brand like Coach or Armani.  This is pretty consistent for Lyn and I'm glad to see that hasn't changed yet.

No matter how much I read about Alzheimer's, I still find new information.  I was aware of the degradation of a person's vision and how you can give yourself a feel for it by holding your hands up to your eyes as if they were binoculars.  I was unaware of the uneven loss of eyesight resulting in a person's blindness in one eye and highly constricted vision in the other.  I don't think Lyn's completely blind in her right eye yet.  However, it appears she's going that way.  The video below is a good and quick explanation of how a person with dementia is impacted by a reduced visual field.  Take a look.


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