2015 ISP

Lynn's annual ISP meeting was held on Monday.  The ISP requires that Lyn have two goals at home and at least one at day hab.

The day hab goal is that Lyn will work on sheets from a workbook a couple of times each week.  When Lyn works on the sheet, she requires a staff member to sit and work with her.  She's unable to do sheets by herself any longer.  Unfortunately, the staff has to tend more than one client at a time and they're not able to stick with Lyn through the effort.

At home, Lyn's goals include emptying the dishwasher twice a week.  The thought is that Lyn will have to learn and maintain the steps which will help with her memory.  (I nearly snorted when I read that in Mom's email update to me.)  Her other goal is to do some power walking at least twice a week.

Lyn will continue with Behavioral and Physical therapies.  The Physical Therapist was unable to attend the session and as a result, I don't have a report out on that topic.  The Behavioral Therapist works with Lyn in problem solving and self-advocation.  The therapist has noted Lyn's loss of skills over the past year and adjusts accordingly.

While the meeting was going on, Mom writes that "She was on top of her game this morning.  SO different from last night that it throws me for a loop."


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