Time to Re-Evaluate

Four years ago, Lyn went through a neuro-psych evaluation.  Lynn's physician is suggesting that it is probably a good time for Lyn to undergo another one.  The first one would serve as a benchmark and the new one would let us have some sort of measure for the changes which we've been noting in her.  Mom is in agreement.

Lyn will be scheduled soon for her annual physical.  The plan is for the physician to speak to Lyn about the neuro-psych evaluation.  They know that if Mom suggests it to Lyn, she will refuse to cooperate.  Knowing that Lyn hated the lady who did the last one, they will look to line up the evaluation with someone else.

The physician was a little relieved to hear the ophthalmology report indicating that the eyes are healthy.  The assessment is that the issue is with the brain.  Either there's been shrinkage of the brain or a lesion which is causing the gait and vision issues.  While both may be visible with an MRI, Mom and the physician have decided against subjecting Lyn to that test.  They don't think Lyn would do well with it, it isn't medically necessary and if someone was found, there's no treatment for it.

Additional feedback has been provided by Lyn's physical therapist who has several patients with Alzheimer's.  She confirms that what Lyn's undergoing is much of what she sees with her other patients.  While the physician has ordered physical therapy to strengthen the quads, the therapist indicates that Lyn's actually physically pretty strong.  Lyn will receive the therapy but the therapist's assessment is that Lyn is forgetting how to stand up or how to coordinate her movements.  She's had Alzheimer's patients who momentarily forget how to walk mid-stride.  When that happens, she gently pushes down their leg because they can't stand on one foot for very long and risk falling.

This is just Alzheimer's, folks.  Some days you forget how to stand and others you're seemingly right as rain.


  1. "Some days you forget how to stand" - totally resonates. We've been using the example lately to explain FIL's progression as "He doesn't really know how bread works." as some days he can't quite figure out what to do with it and ends up pouring creamer on it at breakfast or dunking it in his coffee.

    1. What a great example, Faith. Thank you for sharing it. Though, to be honest, if we can dunk our doughnuts into coffee or our toast into our eggs, then I think he gets a pass at dunking his bread in his coffee.


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