The Second and Final Round

The current round of manipulation attempts bumped up a bit yesterday and Mom had to nip it in the bud.

After an outing with the folks at day hab, Lyn came to a stop at the ramp up into the building.  She prefers a ramp to stairs if it is available.  A female staff member asked if she needed help.  She turned the staff member down.  A second female staff member asked a moment later if she needed help.  She again turned the staff member down.  Lyn benefits from just a simple arm to rest her hand on as she walks up the ramp.  She holds onto the railing with the other hand.

After the second inquiry, Lyn stated that she didn't need help, she needed (male staff member) to hold both her hands to pull her up the ramp.  Lyn wanted the attention of a male staff member and was doing what she could to make that happen.  The staff refused, offering her the standard assistance.  The staff alerted Mom when she came to pick Lyn up.

Mom chastised Lyn and directed the staff to not accommodate the attention seeking behaviors.  Lyn was very upset and became contrite.  When I spoke to Mom, Lyn refused to speak with me.  She didn't want me to know about the incident.

Lyn won't try such manipulative behavior for a bit.  Then she'll forget and try again.


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