Ataxic Gait

Friday's visit to the doctor happened on Friday.  Mom pointed to the change in Lyn's gate and her increasing unsteadiness as well as expressed her concern about Lyn's vision.  The doctor examined Lyn and was immediately concerned.  Lynn's gait is now showing ataxia and she's lost peripheral vision in her left eye.

Here's an example of an ataxic gait.

There are a number of causes for an ataxic gait.  Causes include a stroke or a lesion on the brain.  Right now, we're not sure if the inability to a full vision field is adding to her ataxia or if they're unconnected.

The doctor was immediately concerned.  She's ordering physical therapy to try and increase the strength of Lyn's quads.  She's also asked for Lyn to see her ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  Mom was able to get her scheduled for today.  There may need to be an MRI as well.


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