Can We Spell 'Manipulate'

Yesterday, I mentioned that Lyn had difficulty getting up and wash very shaky when she did, leaning up against the wall as a result.  Mom scheduled an appointment for Lyn to be seen by her physician.  Lyn didn't tell Mom about the incident until they were home and Mom wasn't able to confirm what Lyn relayed.

When she took Lyn to day hab yesterday, Mom spoke to one of the staff who interacted with Lyn during the shaky episode.  Lyn was seated at a table and indicated she was unable to get up.  She asked a staff member to get her lunch and bring it to her.  The staff asked if she needed help getting up.  Lyn said she did not.  They brought her lunch.  Once she had it, she got up and walked to the kitchen where they all usually eat their lunches.  The staff member confirms she was a "little wobbly" but no more than her recent usual.

Lyn does get a bit more wobbly when she's tired.  While individuals with Alzheimer's can have seizures and while Lyn has had seizures in the past, it is looking much more likely that Lyn's episode was of a much more benign origin.  I've mentioned before that Lyn has the ability to be manipulative.  The advent of her Alzheimer's hasn't changed this.  Lyn likes attention.

The staff smiled and and indicated that Lyn does enjoy attention but always sweet and helpful as well.


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