A Quick Visit

Over the weekend, my brother called to let Mom know he was hauling a load into town for work and inquired if Mom and Lyn would be available for a visit even though it was short notice.  His time in town would allow them to meet up for a late lunch/very early dinner.  It didn't matter to him what time they ate because it was an opportunity for him to get a chile fix.

While at the restaurant, they realized that Lyn would not join in the conversation.  She stayed focused on her food despite repeated attempts from both my brother and Mom to get her engaged.  When their plates were empty, she was already showing that her Sundowner's was in play by her nervous movements, repeated glances out the window and statements that she was done.  Mom asked to take their picture but could only get one snap (just as my brother blinked).  Lyn would not stand still for a second picture though she did try to smile.

Afterwards, they returned to the house for a bit.  Once there, Lyn was happy and chatty.  Mom thinks it was because she was home, in her safe environment and had Nikka with her.  Nikki was glad for his visit too because it meant an extra pair of hands for rubs.  The playtime with Nikka settled Lyn enough that she was calm when they had to leave the house again to take him back to his truck.

We Skyped the day he called to let them know he was to be in town.  She was clearly excited about the pending visit because it was the first thing she wanted me to know when the conversation started.


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