Blizzard Worries

My family and I weathered the blizzard this weekend known as Snowzilla.  We received about 28 inches of snow.  The national news showed footage of empty store shelves from a store in the next county over.  This image sent Lyn into a state of worry over us.  She also knew we are having issues with our heat system and will have to replace it soon.  (It is old and long past time for replacement.)  The heat issue added to her worries.

We had our Skype conversation on Saturday during the blizzard.  Lyn was adamant about a few things.  She wanted to check on our food stores and our heat.  She also had a few things to say about God.

My ability to speak with her on Skype is not limited to one location in the house and I've been known to take the conversation into the kitchen if I need to get dinner cooking or outside if we want to show them something in the garden.  To ease Lyn's worry for us, I walked her into the kitchen and opened the pantry, freezer and fridge for her to peer into.  This assured her we had plenty of food to get us through the storm.  Mom even pointed out the milk and eggs which were in the fridge.

While I didn't show Lyn the thermostat, she accepted my assurances that our heat was working and we are comfortable.  I wasn't wearing gloves, a scarf or beanie and I think she believed me.

As for her worries about God, I think the topic that triggered this train of thought was when I mentioned that a local Bishop had absolved congregants from their obligation to attend Mass this weekend in light of the blizzard.  Lyn was not pleased with this statement from the Bishop.  She felt he was giving people permission to stop going to church and start ignoring God.  Her message went from a general "some people" to a specific "you" rather quickly and I had to keep my hand over my mouth so she couldn't see me suppressing a giggle.  "God sees everything and he knows what you're doing.  You need to stop ignoring Him and go to church."  Mom interjected with "She's not repeating anything I've told her.  I would get onto you directly."  I had to laugh and assured Mom I knew this wasn't at her behest.  I promised Lyn I would think about it.  Explaining my position to Lyn or how I came to where I am today would not be a useful conversation.  She would neither understand nor accept my beliefs.  At least she doesn't believe that an atheist is a devil worshipper like the missionaries who recently approached me in the grocery store parking lot.

Surprisingly, Lyn remembered that she wanted me to advise my husband that we were risking arrest by having sex.  She asked if I had told him what she said but she was embarrassed to bring up the topic.  It was pretty funny.  I told her that I had conveyed her message to him and that we would make sure we were careful.  When she realized I wasn't promising to stop, she started to tell me that the police have very good ears and can hear us.  Mom and I convinced her the blizzard was keeping the police too busy to hear anything at my house this weekend.  


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