Birthday Planning

2016 has started quietly.  The holidays are over and the decorations have started to come down.  Lyn knows her birthday is coming soon.  She's started advocating for me to send her a birthday gift.  Lyn and I discussed gift options and she settled on something she wants.  It was actually a funny little exchange.  She wants to do something to celebrate but doesn't know what.

She knows her birthday is in January and that it happens after Christmas.  She does not know that it is currently January and I don't think she knows her actual birthdate any longer.

Mom pointed out that we have plenty of time before her birthday for my gift to arrive (hint, hint) in time.  I had to laugh as Mom pointed out that I've never forgotten Lyn's birthday.  I've forgotten Mom's.  It was just once and I even spoke to her that day.  I realized my idiocy the next day.

Tomorrow, I'll run an errand over lunch and pick up Lyn's birthday present so it can go into Tuesday's mail.  It will be there in time.


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