Lyn loves personalized attention and has a jealous streak.  Both came into play last week.

There is a client at day hab who disembarks from the bus backwards.  The staff work with the client and more than one, particularly the men, are right at hand to guide and help the client during the exiting process.  Sometimes, the staff member will put a hand on a back to provide gentle reassurance while the client is on the bus's stairs.  This makes Lyn jealous.  Jealousy makes her angry.

The above scenario happened on Thursday or Friday and she was still angry about it when we spoke over the weekend.  She was able to tell me that she was angry and it was because of something the staff did.  It took a while for her to put her thoughts together but Lyn was clear that she didn't like what happened because it didn't happen to her.  She wasn't happy because she felt she should get that level of help too.

I was actually glad to hear her say it and see that she was able to acknowledge that she wants personalized attention.  Expressing herself is an increasingly difficult thing to do.  However, Mom and I still need to help redirect her emotions.  In this case, we pointed out that Lyn is capable of getting off the bus without help and the other client is not.  We pointed out that all of us want Lyn to do as much for herself as possible because that will help her be as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Lyn made a disappointed face and said "Well..." which was short for "Well, I may not be able to argue but it isn't what I want."


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