New Year Transitions

As 2015 was shutting down, Mom and Lyn hunkered down to wait through the bitter cold.  It was cold enough to keep the New Year's festivities from the neighbors low key.  Very few fireworks were lit off and very few gun shots were heard.  Lyn was able to sleep through much of the night undisturbed.  Normally, the noise makes it a long and anxious night for the household.

Over the past few weeks, we have observed a decrease in Lyn's verbal abilities.  It is hard to describe the changes without counting her available vocabulary.  Perhaps, her speech therapist can provide us with an assessment of her current verbal capacity.

Lyn will be undergoing neuropsych evaluation soon and that may give us some insight into all the changes that are happening.  We've documented before the transitions.  She'll be going along in a relatively stable fashion for a time and then we'll see her slipping.  It is like watching someone trying to traverse a steep hill and seeing them loose their footing and slide down a bit.  You know it can happen and expect something to but it still surprises you with how rapidly things change.  Yet, there's still a part of your brain which is wishing the crossing was done with already.

I'm sorry to be grim but it seems like we're starting the year in a less optimistic spot than we would like.


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