I'm Lost

On Monday, after having Mom help her get her bra on, Lyn stepped out of Mom's room and walked into the kitchen.  Mom heard her say something but didn't understand her.  Mom stepped out of her room to ask Lyn to repeat what she said.  Lyn was looking up and around, trying to take in the room about her.  She looked confused and kind of blank.  Nikka knew she was off and leaned into her.

"I'm lost."  Mom asked if she wanted to eat.  Lyn said she wasn't hungry.  Mom asked if she needed to take her medicine.  Lyn agreed that she needed to.  Lyn asked if she needed to take her vitamin and Mom agreed that she needed to take it.  Mom told Lyn that she needed to finish getting dressed because her knees were getting cold.  Lyn laughed and followed Mom into her room again.

Lyn's shadowing has increased to the point that Lyn's nearly in physical contact at all times.

While Mom finished getting dressed, Lyn said "I need help."  Mom asked what she needed help with and Lyn asked if her shirt needed to be tucked into her pants.  Lyn lifted her sweatshirt and exposed her undershirt and then just stopped.  She didn't know how to tuck in her shirt and Mom ended up having to help her.

Mom prompted Lyn that she needed to brush her teeth and Lyn stated she didn't know how to use the toothbrush.  Mom said "Ok.  Let's go take a look."  Lyn indicated she needed help with her teeth.  By the time they got to the bathroom, Lyn didn't remember that Mom was going to help her.  "No!  I can do it but that toothbrush doesn't work."  Mom suggested that sometimes you have to push the button a little harder.  She told Lyn to sit and open her mouth.  Lyn opened up and allowed Mom to brush her teeth despite her previous objection.  When she was done, Mom stepped back and asked Lyn to rinse the sink.  Lyn couldn't.

The bathroom sink has been increasingly needing attention.  Mom usually asks Lyn to clean her sink every two days.  Mom has noticed that despite the attempts, it is no longer clean.  Mom has also noticed that she frequently has to send Lyn back to brush her teeth a second time.  We think that it will no longer be a "Go brush your teeth" approach but a "Let's go brush your teeth."

The staff at day hab ended up sending Mom and email expressing their concern over Lyn's off day.

On Tuesday, Lyn didn't have these issues and was able to brush her own teeth.


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