A Budding Artist

On Sunday, Lyn asked if she could make me a painting of a cross.  I wasn't sure I heard the question correctly and asked for clarification.  She repeated that she wants to paint a cross for me.  It would be nothing fancy.  She thought it would be nice and wasn't sure why I won't like it.  I'm used to not always knowing what's going on in her mind (or the minds of my kids for that matter) and can usually fill in enough to successfully see what happens.  So, I assured her that I appreciated her desire to make me something and that I will like it no matter what she paints for me.

The "no matter what" portion is pretty key here.  She apparently feels the need to paint a religious symbol for me.  I am not religious, having stepped away from it long ago.  She knows I am not a regular church goer but doesn't understand why.  With a bit of an increasing frequency, she has felt the urge to remind me that God loves me and she thinks I need to go back to church.  I appreciate her thinking of and being concerned about me.  Honestly.

When the conversation started, I didn't know what she meant by "paint a cross."  She has gone to pottery studios many times over the years and painted items which have then been glazed.  I currently store my earrings in one of her pottery creations.  As a result, I thought she meant she was going to paint a ceramic cross for me.  I was wrong.

Lyn's Community Access provider has been introducing Lyn to painting on canvas.  Lyn loves it and has done four paintings to date.  She's very happy with the results of her painting and is wanting to share.

I have no idea if Lyn will actually paint a cross for me or not.  I am just happy that the person who works with her for Community Access support is so good to and with her.  I am happy she is enjoying their activities and time together.  Lyn loves creating things and her provider is letter her explore crafting with things she has not done before.


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