Making Progress

Well, last week disappeared on me.  Between the 2016 Presidential election and the lingering effects of the pneumonia, I was not up for blogging and found myself in bed by 8 pm on more than one evening.

So, what did you miss with Lyn?  Not much.  Tomorrow we'll talk about the laundry and maybe later in the week I'll talk about the responsibilities of a paid care provider.  Otherwise, it has been a week of Lyn going to day hab, spending time with her community access and respite providers.

She continues to remain worried about me but our Skype conversation allows her to see that I am slowly improving.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to see them.  It appears that the camera on Mom's laptop has died and it may be the signal that we finally need to replace it.  It was a couple of years old when we refurbished it and gave it to her.  I am pretty sure she's had it for more than 5 years now.  I did suggest that if she would upgrade from a flip phone to a smart phone we could continue Skype conversations with full video from a phone.  Despite not having visuals on her, I could tell her response and we both ended up laughing which for me is still a risky proposition.


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