The Individual Service Plan for the next year has been set.  There's not a substantial change to the services she will receive.

Lyn will continue with day hab 3 days a week.  She will have community access 2 days a week.  We had hoped to flip those two resources, but paperwork wasn't properly filled out and, unless it becomes a major issue, we will leave it for now.  I believe that behavioral therapy has been discontinued.  Speech therapy continues outside of the ISP.

The state of NM has apparently decided to step away from the SIS assessments.  They are asking for the staff to provide adequate clinical justification for the resources needed instead of doing the assessments.  The state has struggled with the assessments from the time they implemented them and has modified them multiple times over the 5 years that they have been in use.

We will move forward for the next year with the resources currently in place.  If there is a substantial change over the year, Lyn's team can request modifications to her ISP.


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