She Defines Giving

Mom always wanted to be a mother.  She wanted a big family and pictured herself raising six kids.  She has long been the type of person who could give and love, knowing it is often a job which goes unrecognized or unappreciated.  At an early age, she helped her parents care for her four siblings, often doing the cooking and cleaning.  When she married, she had hoped for the happily ever after but found that three children and having to become a single parent was the reality.  She raised us without support or involvement from our father.  When Lyn and I graduated from high school, Mom and Lyn returned to Mom's childhood home to care for my Grandmother after my Grandfather passed.

Today, Mom is "retired" but still caring for Lyn.  This is a common situation for parents of the intellectually disabled.  Mom is still building her daily schedule around Lyn's needs; even today which is Mom's birthday.

Mom will spend today making sure that Lyn's needs are met, errands are run, and chores completed.  My hope for her is that one day, she won't have to take care of another person or worry about another's schedule before doing what she wants.  I hope that she'll be able to enjoy a glass of wine without a glare or to do the things in her bucket list which she's not supposed to have according to Lyn.

Today, I hope Mom knows how much I love her and appreciate her.  I had no clue what efforts she extended for each of us until I had my own children and I had no idea how much more she was willing to give until then.

Happy Birthday, Mom.


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