Drive Thru

On Sunday, Mom and Lyn went out to run some errands.

They went to a shopping center they have visited for years.  Several times, Lyn asked if they were going a new way.  They were not.  She just no longer recognizes her way around town with increasing frequency.  Once at the shopping center, Lyn asked if they were in a new store.  They were not.

On the way home, Lyn pulled out one of her subtle tactics.  She doesn't ask for things much.  She makes comments.  The comments are designed to sound informative but are actually a request in disguise.  She used the same tactic when we were kids.  Back then, she would say something like "Grandma, those oatmeal cookies are my favorite."  In Lyn speak, that was often how she would say "Grandma, may I please have an oatmeal cookie."  Yesterday, her comment was "I have never gone to McDonalds drive thru."  She has.  Mom doesn't bother to remind her.  Mom was kind enough to play along and take her to McDonalds.  Lyn was very confused as Mom pulled into the drive thru.  Mom ordered, pulled forward, paid and collected their food.  Lyn was genuinely astounded that you didn't have to go inside to handle the order.

I don't know how long it has been since Lyn actually did go through a drive thru.  I know she was with me in the spring when we swung by a Golden Pride to order 2 dozen tortillas for me to add to my suitcase for my husband before flying home.  (Yes, you can buy tortillas by the dozen at a fast food restaurant in New Mexico.  They're fresh and better than the ones in available in the grocery stores in VA.)  Anyway, my point is that her memories and cognitive abilities seem to be slipping quite a bit lately.  I don't know where she is in the rewind of her life's movie.  I do know that she looks visibly lost most days when I see her or see pictures of her.

On the positive side, Mom and I worked together and resolved her camera problem without the help of IT support (my husband) allowing us to see each other when we Skype.  We were both delighted.


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