My First Santa

For many years now, Lyn has gotten at least one annual picture with Santa.  Sometimes, she gets multiple pictures.  Santa remains a beloved person in Lyn's life.  She gets excited when she sees him. She wants to hug him and talk to him.  All of this was playing through my head when I saw the Santa display at my local mall earlier this week. 

It was early morning, the shops had just opened.  I was in line to get at hot tea after making some quick purchases.  Santa was just getting settled and, as I watched, it hit me that I could not recall ever having a picture taken with Santa.  I jumped out of line and marched over to him before I could think twice.  There was no line.  Had there been, I probably would not have done it.

Santa was surprised as I came around to his seat and asked if I could take a picture with him, explaining that I wanted to send it to my sister.  He thought it was a bit of a prank for her until I explained that she has Early On-set Alzheimer's and Santa is one of the few people she gets excited over still.  "This is a special picture then!" he said and quickly got positioned.  

The photographer took several shots and we quickly decided on the one below.

I made my selection of the image and the prints, hurriedly thanked Santa and the photographer and went to pay.  I tried to be discreet as I wiped a tear away.  (Don't ask.  Sometimes those onion chopping ninjas strike even in public.)  The young woman manning the register saw the movement and asked if I was OK.  (GAH!  The dust...)  I wasn't sad; just emotional.  I explained that my sister with Alzheimer's loves Santa and the picture is for her.  She was hit by the onions and dust too.  

The picture is being sent to Lyn and has been incorporated into her video message from the Portable North Pole.  


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