A&E Investigation

The A&E report incident is currently under investigation.  The investigator came out to the house and spoke to Mom and Lyn.

Prior to the appointment, Mom and Lyn's team reminded Lyn that it is OK if she couldn't remember what happened.  They told her to just tell the investigator whatever she could.   When the investigator was there, Mom introduced him and then transitioned herself out of the conversation.  She left the room so they could speak in private.

Prior to Mom's departure, the investigator assured Lyn that there was no right or wrong answer and the he wanted to know Lyn's thoughts.  After he was done speaking with Lyn, he spoke for a few minutes with Mom.  Mom had printouts from a conversation she had with the respite care provider which happened 5 minutes after the incident.  Mom had asked what had happened.  The respite provider gave her account of the incident.

We know the respite provider is one of the individuals to be interviewed by the investigator.  Lyn's community access provider may also be interviewed.

I will let you know when we have the findings from the investigator.


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