Safety Plan

The State jumped on the A&E Report within 24 hours of receiving it and has already reached out to start the investigation process.

One of the things they have requested is that the agency where the incident occurred provide a safety plan for keeping Lyn safe.  In this case, the plan should be exceptionally simple.  The individual who cornered Lyn should have ZERO contact with Lyn.  If Lyn is there, that person may have to go to her office and close her door or perhaps leave.  That person should not speak to or in any way to engage with her.

The inquiry by the State has caused a couple of people to get all aflutter.  There have been calls seeking more information by individuals who are concerned (read: being nosey) but who are not involved with the case.  These callers are being directed to Lyn's case manager.  If they need to be brought up to speed, it is the case manager's job to do so; not Mom's.  Once the report was filed, the who process is out of Mom's hands.


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