STILL Not Appropriated

Saturday was hysterical.

Lyn knew Mom wanted to purchase a 2017 calendar and was determined to stop it from happening.  Lyn told me she "needed to get onto Mom."  She started before Mom was even out of bed and kept it up until the end of the day.  I asked if Lyn "needed or wanted" to correct Mom.  Lyn wasn't sure but she did indicate she enjoyed getting onto Mom about the calendar.

Mom felt it was her civic duty to purchase the calendar to support a local effort to find animals homes. Lyn feels very strongly that the desired calendar titled "Albuquerque Firefighter Pet Calendar" was not appropriated (Lyn's word) because so many of the firefighters pictured in the calendar are shirtless.

Mom has looked over the calendar.  She's offered to take down the 2017 calendar given to her by a friend who does a lot of wildlife photography.  Lyn objects to that idea.

Mom has offered to send me the calendar because I don't have a 2017 calendar much less one with firefighters, dogs and cats.  There's even a picture with a bunny.  I like this idea but Lyn objects.  She objects because she says my husband should not be forced to look at this calendar.  She offered to send me a calendar in her room that doesn't have shirtless men.

I offered to send the calendar to a friend in Italy.  She's a single lady who appreciates the efforts of firefighters.  Because she's single, there's no concern over a husband being forced to look at the calendar.  Lyn couldn't argue with that point but maintained that the calendar was not appropriate for anyone.

Mom and I spent the majority of the conversation laughing as Lyn rolled her eyes at us, gave us withering looks, and called our sensibilities into question.  She strongly maintains that she's the only one with a well-formed thought in her head and the calendar purchase proves it.


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