Lyn still bowls regularly and her scores are still consistent.  She'll usually have a good start with a game in the 130's followed by a game of 100 to 110 points.  If she plays a third game, she rarely tops 100.  Her low scores are more than me on a good day.  Then again, she bowls weekly and I bowl annually.

Last week, she went bowling and played two games.  Her first was 130 (consistent).  Her second was 198!!  I think that's one of the best scores she's ever done.

She had Mom call our Uncle to challenge him to a competition.  Mom offered to buy him a beer at the bowling alley.  He says he'll need two.

Lyn had Mom update me and later gave me explicit instructions that my husband needs to start practicing.  She intends to beat us all soundly when we visit this summer.

She will too.


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