In Purple

A package from Mom and Lyn arrived yesterday.  In addition to some delicious baked goods (always a welcome gift), there was one of Lyn's recent paintings.

At some point, while in a craft shop, she spotted a wooden cross and decided I needed it.  She painted it in a couple of shades of purple before drizzling the metallic puff paint all over it.

She's already asking where I will hang it.  I honestly answered that I don't know where it will hang.  It's not my style.  She's been insistent that I need a cross and we have no idea why.

Mom has suggested that Lyn paint me a picture.  Lyn offered to sell me one of her paintings and was quite put out when Mom told her that I should get one for free.  She's not having it.  If I want a painting other than the cross, I'll have to pay.  I don't blame her approach and got a good laugh at how openly mercenary she can be.


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