Follow Up on Solanezumab

In 2012, we learned about Solanezumab by Eli Lilly which was in phase III trials.  The results at that time were mixed and the company decided to move forward with testing to determine if there was any clinical benefit from the drug.  

Late last month, it was announced that Solanezumab additional trials have failed to change the progression of Alzheimer's in human subjects.  An additional 2,000 patients were tested and no slowing of the disease was noted.  In other words, Solanezumab had no impact.  

Solanezumab was targeted to clear accumulations of amyloid beta.  Several other failed treatments have also focused on the same symptom of Alzheimer's and, to date, none have succeeded in humans.  

So, is the story of Solanezumab finished?  Not yet.  Some improved cognition was noted.  Some theorize the dose tested was too low.  Some theorize that the patients tested were too advanced in their Alzheimer's disease to gain benefit from the drug.  Additional testing is scheduled to focus on individuals who are at risk but are not yet symptomatic of Alzheimer's.  


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