First 2017 Adventure

It was a cold start to the weekend in NM with enough snow and ice to shut down day hab and cause local officials to encourage residents to stay home.  Mom and Lyn were safe and snug.  For some reason, the winter weather prompted them to go on an adventure on Sunday.

Sunday morning saw them bundled up for a trip out to the Bosque to see what birds and other wild life they could spot.  Why would you go to an outdoor wildlife reserve in the middle of Winter?  The Bosque's residents change with the seasons.  The lack of leaves on the trees allow you to spot birds which you might not otherwise spot.

Lyn was quickly able to spot three Bald Eagles, a Golden Eagle, and three Mule-Eared deer.

They also saw Snow and Canada Geese as well as several large herons.  Lyn was happy.

The snow and ice from Friday had melted off.  It was a cold but clear day which made for a nice outing.  They weren't up and out as early as the birders with their very large cameras.  Some of them had been set up by 4:30 AM.  Lyn was impressed by the large sizes of some of the lenses they were using.


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