A Man in Uniform

Lyn had an exciting week.  She got to do one of her most favorite things.  She got to interact with a police officer.

It may be the man-in-uniform effect, but she does love flirting with the police.  She loves to thank them for their work and will sneak in a hug if she thinks she can get away with it.  She will look for an excuse to get their attention and wanting to say "thank you" has gotten her good results over the years.

She's been talking about wanting to do a painting specifically to give to the police as a "Thank you".  She was insistent that this was necessary.  She worked on the painting and when it was finished, an officer paid her a surprise visit while she was with her care provider.  It turns out her care provider has a brother who is a police officer.

Lyn was given a tour of his patrol car and allowed to sit in it.  She was very impressed by the equipment within.

She was then able to give the officer her painting, thank him for his work, and get a hug.  

The officer was kind and gracious to Lyn.  (In all honesty, they always have been.)  He made her feel special and excited over the whole exchange.  His acceptance of her painting made her feel proud.

Our thanks go out to this officer and his sister, Lyn's care giver, for arranging this visit for her and photographing it.  She was thrilled!


  1. So wonderful to see that big smile on her face! Pure bliss. Wonderful experience!


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