Why Do It

Why do we take Lyn out in the community when it can cause her anxiety?

If we kept her home where she always felt comfortable, we would artificially be limiting her world and preventing her from being able to be engaged.  She may not engage with people and events the way she used to, but by pushing and letting her experience new places and events in a way that we try to make safe for her, we're asking her to keep engaging.  If she stayed at home, her decline would be faster than it is already.

If we kept her at home, her opportunities for physical activity would be reduced even more and that would also speed the decline.

She's got good days and not so good days.  Some days, she's on top of her game and you wouldn't realize she has Alzheimer's.  On those days, her walking is more stable and she less anxious.  We appreciate those days.

Ultimately, we do it because she likes going out.

This makes the effort worth it.

For the friend who suggested we hire off-duty firemen to escort Lyn on her outings, I love you.  I got a good laugh at that suggestion and have stored it away for when I am old and feeble.


  1. Are you sure it was a friend & not your mom?? I think it's a great idea & if you do can I tag along?

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