Mental Inflexibility

Lyn has no remaining mental flexibility.

If she gets angry, she'll rage for hours on high, circling repeat.  It can be a small offense that sets her off.  It could be as small as finding green chile on her donut cheeseburger.

My office mate would point out that her holding a grudge is a family trait given my muttering "water!" like a curse over a mismate drink last week.    I may have grumbled but I didn't rage and Lyn's filter is permanently broken.  She's unable to differentiate from the small grievances and the great offenses.

Mom tries to redirect her but Lyn's tenacity doesn't give up.  I feel for Mom and wish I could change it for her.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Your mom is an amazing woman, she appears to handle all of these changes with calm & grace. But then for all I know, she rages when she's alone, who could blame her. I'm pretty high strung so the word "calm" will never describe me. But she and I have our trust in the Lord in common and that's what gets me out of bed every day & her too I expect. I pray for them daily.


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