Lost In A Crowd

Lyn's community access provider gave us an update yesterday.

She has noticed that Lyn's having a lot of problems following a conversation.  We've noticed it too.  Lyn can keep a concept for about 2 or 3 sentences.  Most of the time, it is a single sentence or question from you and a single sentence from her in response.  Conversations can only be maintained by the other person.  This means that we have to do a TON of prompting to help Lyn feel like she's engaged in a meaningful exchange.

Lyn's provider wanted to test this change out.  She asked Lyn if she (the provider) should get a tattoo, her nose pierced or have her earlobes stretched.  We would have expected Lyn to tell her that all of that was "unappropriated" or give her The Look.  Lyn instead responded that she (Lyn) didn't like being called names.

Most concerning is that when they're out, if Lyn gets more than a few feet from her provider, she seems lost and confused.  Lyn's no longer able to recognize her provider if she's more than arm's reach away.  Her care provider is having to keep hold of Lyn's hand or have Lyn hold onto her shoulder when they're in public.

Yesterday, as they were coming home from an outing, Lyn's provider asked if Lyn knew where she was.  They had just turned a corner and were about a block from home.  Lyn goes through this intersection multiple times a day and she no longer recognizes it.  Two weeks ago, Lyn did know the intersection.

As a side note, Blogger is now suggesting "unappropriated" as the proper spelling to me.  I guess we've used that word enough here for the algorithms to recognize it.  It has yet to suggest "day hab" as acceptable.


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