Children's Books

If you have young children in your family along with someone who's got Alzheimer's, you may want to consider some resources which can help normalize what's happening to help the children understand.

Story books help children process what is happening and allows them to see that others experience what they're experiencing.  It's been a few years since we've looked at what books were available on this topic and I've found a few more.

They Love You No Matter What by Gregory Affsa
Weeds in Nana's Garden by Kathryn Harrison
The Memory Box by Mary Bahr
Really and Truly by Emilie Rivard
Forget Me Not by Nancy Van Laan
Raising Grandpa by Lucinda Moebius
Why Does Grandma Call Me Jenny by Karen Kruse Strobhar
My Name is Cally by Donna Balthazard-Dube

For older children and young adults, consider
And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer: A Novella by Fredrik Backman
The Dementia Diaries by Matthew Snyman

If the individual with Alzheimer's is the parent of the child and has early on-set, consider This is My Family by Karen Harborow.

I hope some of these are helpful to you.


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