Tickets Galore

Last week, Lyn's care provider took her to Hinkle, an arcade, to play some games.  Lyn likes going and has gone regularly for years.  She will collect tickets and save up for an item which catches her eye.  At some point, she decided she needed to save enough tickets for an iPad and has been working toward the 11,000+ tickets to reach that goal.

While there last week, Lyn paid a visit to the ticket machine and put in a little money.  The machine started spitting out tickets and didn't stop.  She ended up with a pile of several thousand.

She was so excited!

Despite the pile being the result of a machine malfunction, the staff didn't contest her luck, giving her the bag to carry them home.  She is now about 500 tickets from her goal.  Management has already set an iPad aside for her and are cheering her on.


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