Annual Visit

Next week, the kids and I will be visiting Mom and Lyn.  Lyn is checking the calendar daily and having Mom confirm the number of days left before our arrival.  She's very excited.

She wants us to make a list of activities we'll do together.  She denies that there is a list that's already written even though we assure her it is on the fridge.  She wants us to make a plan and doesn't recall that we have.

In our conversation this weekend, Mom had to remind Lyn of the details like who will stay with her while Mom picks us up at the airport.  Lyn assumes we'll go bowling.  She's right.  We'll do something small each day.

My kids may be bored but their aunt has asked for things to be low key.  She made it clear that she doesn't want them running around or being loud.  They're old enough to understand but I may need to take them to a movie one night after Lyn's done for the day.


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