Umm... Sweetie

Lyn's community access provider took as well earned vacation and was gone for 10 days.  Those days were hard on Lyn and Mom had to ensure some sort of excursion happened each day to help keep Lyn on a more even keel.  Lyn's care provider is back and they spent Saturday together.  Lyn was delighted.

They went to breakfast before going bowling.  Lyn's scores remain higher than I can manage with a 112 and 128.

When they were done, Lyn's provider witnessed Lyn walk away from the bowling area, carrying her ball.  She asked where Lyn was going and was told she was "going to put it away." She didn't remember that the ball is her personal ball.  I believe it even has her name on it.

When redirected to put the ball into her bag, she did and struggled to put her bowling shoes in the bag as well.  One was sticking out of the bag and Lyn became very confused when she tried to zip her bag closed around the shoe.  Her care provider had to intervene and redirect her again.

We'll see if she forgets the ball is hers again.


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