The Nose Knows

Have you heard of a scent preservation kit?  I just learned about them. They're a kit with gauze and a sterile container which allows you to capture the scent of a person and store it for up to seven years. If the person who has had their scent captured, goes missing, the uncontaminated scent can be provided to the rescue dogs, allowing them to focus on the person's scent without other environmental smells getting in the way such as scented laundry detergent or another person's scent.

A scent preservation kit played a significant role in helping locate a lost woman who has dementia this week.  The time to locating her was greatly reduced.  An identifying medical bracelet will help confirm you have the right person, but it won't lead assistance to you the way scent will.

What a great idea!  If you're caring for an individual with dementia who is prone to wandering, perhaps this needs to be added to your resource set.  The cost for one kit is minimal (about $20 US).

Excuse me while I go place an order.  


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