Floating Memories

Sometimes, Lyn's brain allows memories to float to the surface which leave us wondering.  Did she recall the event itself?  Is she, instead, remembering hearing about the event?

This week, Lyn shared a memory with a visitor that she was once tied to a tree when the family was having a picnic by a river.

She was right.

The incident happened in 1973.  Lyn was 2 1/2 years old and had an unhealthy obsession with water.  Mom was heavily pregnant with me and literally could not get up and chase after Lyn if she decided to bolt for the river.  She did attempt it multiple times and Mom ended up tethering her to the tree to keep her safe.  The tether was long and gave her room to play but not long enough to let her reach the water.

Later in the week, Lyn recalled going up in a hot air balloon which was tethered to the ground.  Mom could only recall a particular day in 1978 in which that event occurred.  It's possible that Lyn was recalling that day.  I know I still do.

Lyn has been in several hot air balloons which have been tethered, allowing the balloon to rise a bit before coming straight back down.  When we lived in a community called Del Ray, the center of the community had large lawn areas and balloons would frequently land there.  While waiting for their ground crews, the balloons would tether and give neighborhood kids rides.  So, Lyn could have been remembering any one of those events but the last time would have happened in 1989.

It's amazing to me what surfaces from her mind from time to time.


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