A quick note about reader comments.

Reader comments are welcome.  I love when you tell me your tales or commiserate with us on  a recent change.  I love when you make a suggestion, encouraging us to consider things differently, pointing us to a new resource, or a different approach to try.

Now, I recognize that welcoming your suggestions means that we sometimes receive suggestions to try non-FDA approved treatments.  I have received suggestions to start giving Lyn coconut oil or herbal infusions or take her to see a particular "healer" who can cure people of Alzheimer's.  I will always look into a person's honest or well-intentioned suggestion.  I will weigh the pros and cons of such a regimen.  If it has merit, we will approach Lyn's physician and get her to weigh in on it.  However, I've been reading about Alzheimer's disease, its progression and the current research into it for over 5 years now.  I'm pretty well informed about the current state of Alzheimer's treatment and prevention and can quickly identify a load of hooey when it's sent my way.

Normally, when I see a comment where the author claims to have been cured by an herbal remedy known only by a single guy, I quite delete the comment and move on.  Today, I've had over a dozen such comments posted by a single person.  All have been deleted and the profile has been blocked.  I've never blocked a profile from DBD before today but felt it was necessary.  Comments were scattered fairly randomly through the blog and all claimed exactly the same thing.

I get notified of every comment posted here.  Comments you submit on posts older than 7 days not only notify me but are set to be moderated.  

Here's the thing, folks; my blog is not your outlet to shill your snake oil.


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