iPad Conundrum

Lyn earned her iPad recently.  It has been set up for her and she loves it.

Mom and Lyn's speech therapist are stumped.  How could she be adjusting to it so easily?  How is she able to learn new things and how to handle the device given the decline in her cognitive abilities?

I think a couple of things are happening here:

  1. Lyn's really committed to this device.  She planned and saved for it.  She's coveted the iPad since we visited last year and brought ours with us.  
  2. The iPad is honestly pretty darn intuitive.  Apple has spent a lot of time and energy on user experience testing and improvements.  Standards have been written and applications which hope to be available in the Apple marketplace have to adhere to these standards.
  3. While some may be intimidated from the initial setup of a new device, Apple has also worked to make this easy.  
  4. Once an application such as a game is installed, the user just has to touch the icon or swipe the screen to make things happen.  This allows for immediate feedback which reinforces the action just taken.
I'm glad Lyn's enjoying her new device!


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