Another Silver

On Sunday, Lyn competed in the Regional Special Olympics bowling competition.  There were approximately 600 athletes that were scheduled to bowl over the two day competition.  Lyn was scheduled for the first group in the morning which meant a 7:30 start time to her game.

She and Mom seem to like the early starts.  They're able to get in and out before too much of the day is gone.  This lets them go out for lunch or run errands in the afternoon if they really wanted.  This time, they wanted to go home and nap.

The early start was good for Lyn.  She had three good games, scoring a 124, 112 and an 89.  This was enough to earn her another silver meal for her age group.

Lyn was thrilled and showed each of us her medal when we spoke via Skype this weekend.  We all are very proud of her!  Even my little one said "Good job, Aunt Lyn!", making her just beam.


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