Post Called On Account of Election

I majored in Political Science in college.  I'm a news junkie.  I'm sorry.  I think apologizing is one of the twelve steps towards recovery.  I'm struggling, you see, because I seem to have fallen off the bandwagon.  I spent the night watching the election results instead of writing a real post about dementia.  I spent the night missing Tim Russert.

Lyn doesn't care who is President.  She would shake the President's hand and thank him for the work he does.  Maybe those of us who do care can learn from her.


  1. Tonight she said "I am glad this is almost over. I'm tired of them being on tv all the time." Aren't we all?
    You are more than forgiven for not posting tonight. A lot more was at stake than the post. Tomorrow's post will be twice as great anyhow.


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