Struggling to Explain

Lyn is struggling more frequently to explain her thoughts and express her desires.  She frequently is unsure of the word she needs, even if it is a basic word or concept she's trying to convey.  Mom's been having to guess much more often and has started asking questions to help anticipate Lyn's needs.

Mom writes: 

"Yesterday, she was trying to tell me something about her room.  I was tucking her in and she said "I need you to do something."  Ok, what?  She struggled saying "I wish you could, uh, change something."  She looked confused.  Began looking around her room.  It was now time for 20 questions.  Do you need laundry done?  Do you want windows washed?  No, each time.  
She began touching her bed.  "Do you want sheets changed?"  "Ok, but I need a bigger blanket."   

I asked why she needed "a bigger" spread.  "Because I got cold."" 


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