Looking Ahead

The holidays are hard for caregivers.  The stress of caring does not get any lighter just because the rest of us are feasting or making merry.  Caregivers of individuals with dementia may find themselves unable to join in the festivities because they have so little back up or the person who they care for is uncomfortable in large gatherings.

For many, the holidays are already hard.  The days are shorter and the weather may be cold and wet.  They may be reminded of and miss loved ones who have passed already.  They may not have a date for  a New Year's kiss.  They may still have to feed and clean a person who is no longer capable of expressing gratitude or understanding.

If you know a caregiver, consider reaching out to them this time of year with a bit more frequency than you might in the summer.  Let them know you care even if you're unable to ease the daily grind for them.  I know it is appreciated more than you may realize.  I just heard it in Mom's voice when I called to see how late is too late at night for me to book a flight in to spend a few days with them.  I thought about making it a surprise and, like last year, thought the knowledge and anticipation would provide more happiness than a late night knock on the door.


  1. This is wonderful! I have begun to dread the holidays I had always loved.


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