Feast Day

When Lyn arrived at day hab on Monday, she was expecting an outing to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Sciences.  A few minutes later, she learned that they would instead be going to Jemez Pueblo to join in the feast day celebrations.  One of the other day hab participants is from Jemez and has relatives who routinely invite the day hab staff and participants to the pueblo for the feasts.  The pueblo used to be open to the public on feast days but is no longer able to accommodate the numbers of visitors.  So, it is only because of the invitation that they were able to join in the festivities today.

Lyn was excited to tell me about it on the phone Monday night.  She had a wonderful time.  She said she watched the dances.  She ate chicken, green Jello and drank Kool-Aid for lunch.  She was happy there was something without chile that she liked available.  She seemed most happy with the green Jello.

The feast included a throw.  During a throw, the pueblo residents fill baskets with goodies to share.  The goodies are usually food items like fruit or loaves of bread.  They take the filled baskets to their roofs.  Once there, they throw the goods to the community members down below.  Lyn got an orange in Monday's throw and was very happy she caught it.

The day hab staff had Lyn and the rest of the participants back at the facility in time for their afternoon pick-ups.  Lyn didn't have any anxiety over the trip and really enjoyed the day.


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